UV(Ultraviolet) Light and Coronavirus

UV(Ultraviolet) light is a confirmed technology that can be infected and reducing bacteria, viruses, Coronavirus and other hurtful germs that can jeopardy human health. UV light kills or deactivates bacteria, viruses and Coronavirus by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. UV(Ultraviolet) Light have been used for disinfection of air and surfaces within hospitals, care homes, laboratories and many other organizations for many years. In light of the current Coronavirus outbreak, UV is just one of the many technologies available and being utilized to help reduce and control the spread. Cetrix offers various types of UV disinfection products that can be disinfected your mobiles, tablets, laptops, phones and any other items that you are using them every day.

General Details

The hardware side of every school’s mobile device management is the charging cart or cabinet that allows for volume charging and safe keeping of tablets and laptops. In addition, they are the best way to maintain the devices in a ready-for-use condition at all times.

Designed for CETRIX educational tablets and hybrids, ChargeMax Charging carts and cabinets are part of CETRIX School Digital Transformation Solution. They provide an efficient, affordable, and easy means for schools to securely store and charge mobile computing devices.

Advanced design allows ChargeMax to charge the devices without their adapters. USB cables, connected to converted power outputs provide the power to the devices. The devices are protected by a multi-layer protection with current limiter, pressure limiter and anti-surge protector. Charging is controlled by a Smart system that disconnects the power to any of the devices after it is fully charged.

A UV light inside the cart helps to disinfect the device cases while the devices are being charged. This disinfection sequence will aid in keeping the devices germ and bacteria free. This is especially important in schools where usage of devices by different children can make them susceptible to infections and disease.

ChargeMax’s main power input is protected by a multi-layer system ensuring regulated power reaches the converters. The cabinet is equipped with a Smart Fan that turns on and off automatically to keep the temperature of the cabinet within safety range.


Outstanding Features
  • ChargeMax comes in different sizes for charging from 10 to 65 tablets (30 to 40 laptops in laptop charging models).
  • ChargeMax for tablets accepts 90-230V input power and outputs 5-5.3V, allowing charging of the devices without the need for proprietary adapters.
  • The power system has multi-layer safety measures for limiting current, pressure and protecting against power surge and lightning, electric leakage protection, and earth grounding function.
  • USB charging ports are equipped with their own protection measures and an LED charging indicator.
  • A UV light inside the cabinet helps in disinfecting device shells from germs and bacteria charging sessions.
  • Optional timers allow for setting the time for disinfection and charging manually.
  • A Smart Switch automatically shuts down the AC power source when charging of devices is complete.
  • A Smart Fan regulates the temperature inside the cabinet and keeps it within safety range.
  • The cabinet is secured with a convenient, sturdy Push-to-Close lock on the front door and triangular lock on the side door, both with keys.
  • The cabinet is designed with round corners to make it safe for usage in classroom and work environments.
  • ChargeMax has four sturdy wheels with breaks on the front wheel for easy moving and parking.
  • The cabinet material is coated steel for durability and protection from environment.
 spec-10  spec-30 spec-40  spec-52 spec-60 spec-60
 Model Number  CT-10 (A/B)  CT-30 (A/B)  CT-40 (A/B)  CT-52 (A/B)  CT-60 (A/B)  CT-65 (A/B)
 Capacity  10  30  40  52  60  65
 Configuration  1×10  3×10  4×10  4×13  5×12  5×13
 Charging Interface  USB
 Input Power  110V / 220V
 110V / 220V
 110V / 220V
 10V / 220V
 110V / 220V
 110V / 220V
 Output Power (2)  5 V, 2A
 Physical Characteristics (3)  49x30x32cm
 Material  Stainless Steel
 B-Type Features (4)  UV Disinfection System, 4-Function Timer, Transparent Front Door, Top Grip Handles (for models with wheels)

Notes on Specifications:
(1) ChargeMax specifications may change without prior notice.
(2) The standard output power is 5V/2A, but can be changed during production according to customer requirements.
(3) The T-Series chargers are designed for tablets of size up to 10.1 inches. Chargers for larger size tablets can be built upon order.
(4) CETRIX offers its customers the B-Type chargers for their advanced features. If desired, A-Type chargers that do not have these features can also be ordered.

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