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November 18, 2015

The ideal technology for our classrooms

To grasp the potential of technology in the classroom, just imagine what you could have done with it back when you were a kid in junior high and high school. I’m talking about 16-17 years ago, when the internet as we know it now didn’t really exist.

It would have been so awesome to draw, write, and learn directly from a laptop or tablet. Imagine all the possibilities and all the doors that would have opened up to you with a gesture of your hand.

Unfortunately, we can’t bring back the past but we can make sure that our children have these benefits at school. It wouldn’t really be fair to deprive this generation of what we would have wanted for ourselves. We have to make sure that they have all the tools they need to realize their creative potential.

Almost all kids have smartphones and tablets these days, but bringing this technology to the classroom is a whole different issue. Unfortunately, some educators are still skeptical. They argue that kids will become distracted with this technology in their hands.

While this might be true, we must keep in mind that we live in the 21st century. There are many distractions whether we like it or not, especially for our children. Even the most positive things can turn against us, so it’s important to use education technology with control and guidance in the classroom. This will prove extremely easy will all the great apps and e-learning platforms out there.

So, if you want to know more about all the pros of using tablets in the classroom, take a quick look at this infographic:

Well now that we went through why it’s important to use technology in the classroom, it’s time to get into the familiar argument: Which is better for our classrooms, the tablet or the laptop?

Take a quick look at our next infographic and decide for yourself.

Now you know that you don’t need to choose between a tablet and a laptop. You can have both with our Cobalt hybrid tablet, which looks like a tablet, but feels like a laptop.

With its sleek design, the 11.6” Cobalt has all the power and performance of a great laptop in a thinner, lighter body. It also comes with an electromagnetic pen, delivering a natural writing and drawing experience, which makes it ideal for our classrooms.

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